Austin Heights Golf Course Overview

Some golf courses require a little “insider knowledge” and Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort is one of those. And some golf courses play tougher the first time simply because you’re not familiar with the slopes, metres or the best angles for approaches and this is one of those. If this is your first time teeing it up at the Championship Club good course management will help significantly.

Some golf course designers believe in the philosophy of starting easy and getting progressively more difficult as the course goes along. The 1st nine holes are as good as it gets, peaceful and isolated. You can occasionally glimpse greenery and few lakes with excitement offered from the shortest par 3 at 125 metres along this stretch of holes. A fine mix of long and short holes with challenging greens. World class.

The terrain that Hills course is built on is hilly. Very hilly. The course was designed by Nigel B Douglas who also designed Willow Golf Club Australia, Kota Permai, Seri Selangor, Lake Kenyir and Valencia at Sarawak. The greens at Hills course are difficult enough because the course is built among the hills and it’s our trademark of a 3 tier green. The undulations and contouring that Hills added in make them very challenging indeed.

Another hole to add to the list of unique and great golf holes in the world is the 14th hole has a tree in front of the green in the middle of the fairway. A dog leg hole require a well struck tee shot in the fairway requires you to avoid ball landing right behind the tree or hit over the tree onto a small undulating green guarded by the ravine. At 305 metres, you only have a short iron to the green, so it's a fair shot and genuine fun.

Austin Signature Hole


The 10th hole on the other hand is clearly the most difficult handicap hole on the course, and by a lot. The hole is a 500 metres par five that plays layup when pond are guarding the fairway 200m from the tee, uphill and then with wild slopes at the green fringe. The green slopes from back to front and is very challenging. Once on the green, it is too fast to hold putts. Skill are needed.


A short par 3 but it’s all laid out in front of you as you can drive from an elevated tee. The dips front left and right of the green often catch a drive hit short, so make sure you take enough club to reach the putting surface. Having done that, beware of the out of bounds back left of the green. Playing to the right hand side of the green is the wisest choice


A drive down the middle is needed here by keeping the tee shot between the fairway bunkers and pond at this semi island fairways. Beware of the hazard pond all the way up the right and left. A straightforward hole that requires straight hitting. Remember that there is a slight rise up to the front edge of the green so take enough club to get on.


A 385 metres par four eighteen hole was my favourite on the course. It sweeps down the hill from a tee box at the top and you have to play your second shot over the lake to a very well protected green. The majestic clubhouse in the background adds to the grandeur of the hole.

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference setting apart a great country club from an average one. At Austin Heights, we got the little things right such as the ‘club sandwich’ as you make the turn. Recently renovated and also known having the ‘Biggest room in town’ our Hotel room guaranteed the best deal. Also, the attitude of the staff throughout the course and the quality of the caddie. They all add up to that intangible quality that many of the great clubs have.